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Congratulations Ill. Keith A. Pope

Children's Dyslexia Center Clothing

"Please support the Children's Dyslexia Center and enjoy some great clothes at the same time! "

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Congratulations Newly Installed Brothers!

Congratulations Officers!

Family Life Contest Winners 2017!

"Congratulations to This Year's Contest Winners!"

New Family Life Information

"PLEASE NOTE: A NEW Family Life tab has been added above. Information regarding our Family Life programs may be found there."

Congratulations Brother Mark Alvarado, 32° DSA!

"We not only congratulate him on receiving the “Blue Hat” but thank him for his work and dedication to the Valley! "

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4th, 8th, and 14th Degrees

"Save the Dates!"

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Come on out for some great degrees and fellowship!

Black Hat Orders

"The Black Hat
denotes ones membership
in Scottish Rite. A 32°
member can wear it
proudly at meetings.

For complete information simply click on the hat below."

"Buy it online now at our online store!

Simply click on the following link:

Be proud!
Order yours, TODAY!"

New Officers 2016

Congratulations Officers!

Service Recognition 2016

Congratulation Brothers!


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