Message from the Commander in Chief


Our first class for the Scottish Rite 200th Anniversary of Brotherhood Celebration, started their degrees in January. We are delighted to have 16 Candidates to become Sublime Princes at the 32° in April.

This class – in honor of Ill. “Bud” Combs, 33°, Past Commander in Chief - is one of the largest the Valley of Utica has seen in many years. My Congratulations to the members of the class and my Thanks to everyone who obtained a new candidate and was a first line signer of a petition.

I also want to thank our Degree Director Fred Rembetski, and the members of all our degree casts for their dedication, hard work and willingness to take a part and participate. Our degree renditions have been excellent. If you haven’t attended a meeting recently, please consider joining us on Saturday, March 16th at the Utica Masonic Hall when we will perform the 16° and 18° jointly with the Valley of Syracuse. The 24°, 31° and 32° will take place in Syracuse, on April 27th. Details on the times and events
for these degrees are in the March News and Views. It would be great to have many brothers on the sidelines to greet and welcome our new brothers as they advance in their Scottish Rite degrees.

Our Scholarship Committee has awarded 5 scholarships to deserving College Students this year. I extend my congratulations, to each student who received an award. Checks were presented by the Scholarship Committee at a Ceremony in February at the Utica Masonic Hall. I would also ask that you consider a donation to the Valley Scholarship Fund so that we can continue the fine work of this program and continue to award annual scholarships.

Our All Masonic Valentine Party was enjoyed by everyone who attended. Even though the attendance was small, a good time was had by all present. My thanks, to Brother Jim Robotham, 32°, and his wife Charlotte, who chaired the event and DJ – John Sallustio, who provided the music and entertainment for the evening. We will have to look at what level of reservations we have prior to future social events and if there is sufficient enough attendance not to cancel. Please be conscious of deadlines and making reservations, if you are planning on participating in our functions. Restaurants and venues no longer give the flexibility on dinner cancellations and walk-ins that they once use to.

Our Family Life Week, program is underway. Our dinner and awards program will be on April 28th at 4PM at Roselawn. Details are also in the News and Views. This is open to all and I would like to see a good attendance of officers and members to support our contest winners.

We have had a busy start to this year and Have a very active couple of months before us. All of our programs, events and functions take much behind the scenes work and effort in order to happen. I want to extend my personal and special thanks to our Administrative Manager, Brenda Noti for her dedication, excellent work and help with all the details to make our Valley’s events a success. She quietly and pleasantly does whatever is necessary, to make us all look good. Thanks Brenda!

I hope each of you and your families have an enjoyable Easter and Spring. Please consider joining us at our upcoming degrees and events. I look forward to joining you in our Scottish Rite Fellowship.

Wayne L. Allen, 32°, DSA
Commander in Chief

© 2012 AASR Valley of Utica